Repose Eyelidz Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress
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Repose Eyelidz Memory Foam Mattress
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Memory Foam, HR Foam, Ring Spun Knitted Quilt

REPOSE is a new idea that promotes the power of contemporary thinking in sleep solution. We are aware how important sleep is for good health. We believe everyone deserves quality sleep, night after night. After all, fresh ideas are born out of deep sleep. We understand how hard it is to find the perfect mattress that just fits best. We care that everyone should sleep well after a tiring day and feel refreshed following a night of rest. Therefore, REPOSE sleep solutions are skilfully designed to have an even balance of support and comfort. Explore wide range of REPOSE mattresses and accessories in the most extensive category of elegant bedroom furniture.

The Perfect mattress to help you relax and wake up without feeling stiff or sore. This mattress produces little to no noise for a comfortable sleeping experience. This mattress moulds itself as per your natural curves. Hence, ensures the pressure points are supported well.

This mattress has multiple comfort layers of cushioning, foam and fabric to aid in pain and pressure relief. It has a high resilient foam base support to extend the comfort and longevity of the mattress.

High Resilience Foam in the mattress contributes to the elasticity and longer comfort life. The mattress contours to the body as its structure provides optimal supporting force.

The Mattress consists of viscoelastic PU memory foam. It effectively creates a matrix through which the air can move. The foam softens and cradles the body and relieves the weight of the pressure points.

Product Specifications

  • REPOSE eyelidz Memory Foam mattress is designed to provide the maximum comfort , zero pressure to the body with advanced core memory support system.
  • Memory Foam with High Resilence PU Foam Support
  • Latex Support- Medium Firm to plush
  • Comfort- optimal
  • Environment Friendly
  • Breathable for extra comfort
  • Available in 5” thickness.


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